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SMOKA has been developed and maintained by Astronomical Data Archives Center (ADAC),
Astronomy Data Center (ADC), National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ).

Our activity is based on IAU 30th GA (2018.08) RESOLUTION B3.


The usage of images provided by our system is limited only for research and education. See also the image use policy of Kiso Observatory.



  • Digitized color films have become newly available (132 images in total). All of them can be found by selecting SR16 as Emulsion, but the other searching options are unavailable at present.
  • See here (Japanese) for an example procedure of the negative-positive conversion.
  • The image use policy of Kiso Observatory is linked.

2020.10.21 NEW Astrometric Calibration Information is added to 4609 new FITS files (KSQ)

2019.11.28 Astrometric Calibration Information is added to 5542 "Kiso Schmidt Plates" FITS files

2019.09.11 "Kiso Schmidt Plates" opened


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Kiso Schmidt Plates

Kiso Photographic Plate Archive of SMOKA provides public digitized plate data obtained
by 105 cm schmidt telescope at Kiso Observatory (University of Tokyo).

Kiso Schmidt Plate Archive Search

Simple Search ( search data from a list of object names )

Overview of SMOKA Photographic Plate Archive

List of Plates (6327) in SMOKA

About Schmidt Telescope and Photographic Plates (Links to Kiso Observatory)

About Astrometric Calibration by SMOKA

About NEW Astrometric Calibration using 'ARC-SIP' fittings

Publishing Results from SMOKA Photographic Plate Archive Data: A notation of acknowledgment of published papers using Photographic Plate Archive data.