Publishing Results from SMOKA Photographic Plate Archive Data

We hope that you will achieve your intended science goal with the data taken from SMOKA.

Things to include in your publications

All papers which make use of data taken with the SMOKA Photographic Plate Archive should include the following acknowledgment.

"Based [in part] on data collected at Kiso observatory (University of Tokyo) and obtained from the SMOKA, which is operated by the Astronomy Data Center, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan."

Please cite the following paper when you first refer to the SMOKA science archive in your publication.

Development of the Subaru-Mitaka-Okayama-Kiso Archive System
Baba, H., et al. 2002, ADASS XI, eds. D. A. Bohlender, D. Durand, & T. H. Handley, ASP Conference Series, Vol.281, 298

For the detailed information of Kiso observatory, please refer to Kiso Observatory web site.